Georgia’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan

The state cancer plan, which was developed through the collaborative work of the Georgia Cancer Control Consortium, is a strategic guide with ambitious goals and objectives aimed at reducing cancer incidence and mortality with a focus on breast, cervical, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancers and to support Georgians who are surviving cancer. 


The Georgia Department of Public Health oversees the implementation of the statewide cancer plan in  partnership with the members of the Georgia Cancer Control Consortium. 

Guiding Principles

  • Equity – addressing the root cause of disparities and the factors that prevent some populations from attaining their best health
  • Translational Research – a commitment to continuous learning thorough Georgia based research studies that are conducted, translated, and disseminated across the cancer control continuum
  • Communications – appropriate messaging the broader engagement and inclusion of Georgians, including survivors, to increase awareness, knowledge, and understanding about cancer control;
  • Advocacy – being in action to ensure supportive policy and funding to address cancer control at the level of organizations, institutions, and agencies
  • Surveillance – having excellent, high-quality data and information to inform planning and assess progress over time 


Saving lives, reducing burden, and disparities in cancer outcomes

Priority Areas

  • Supporting cancer prevention efforts with a focus on HPV
  • Detecting cancers early and screening appropriately for target cancers
  • Maintaining excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers
  • Facilitating statewide access to palliative care and support 
  • Improving quality of life for survivors

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