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The Regional Cancer Coalitions of Georgia were created nearly 20 years ago by the General Assembly and Governor to ensure Georgians in all corners of the state have access to cancer care resources. These coalitions – now based in Albany, Athens, Columbus, Macon, and Rome – work hand in hand to provide prevention, screening, and care coordination to virtually all the state’s rural population.

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About Us

The concept of the regional cancer coalitions came to life in the early 2000s when small groups of community stakeholders throughout the state began to come together with an overarching thought – that if they worked together collaboratively, they could far more effectively implement locally tailored cancer control strategies.

In the decade following the creation of the coalitions the value of locally tailored solutions was proven. As the coalitions began to collaborate more with each other; however, we learned that a collaborative of collaboratives offered additional benefits. This approach allowed us to continue to address the specific needs of our unique communities while leveraging the experience and expertise of each organization.

As we look to begin our third decade of cancer fighting, we find that only by each regional coalition working as part of this larger movement can we successfully drive the system and policy changes that will fundamentally change the cancer fight throughout all of Georgia.

Our Funding

In 1998, Big Tobacco entered into a settlement agreement to pay most states billions of dollars each year to help offset the damage done by tobacco and to help prevent tobacco use. For nearly 20 years the Regional Cancer Coalitions of Georgia have used a tiny sliver, less than 0.003%, of Georgia’s share of  that money to operate local cancer control efforts throughout the state. 

The nonprofit coalitions have been able to amplify and magnify this funding by leveraging it to obtain other outside funding as well as gaining access to donated and deeply discounted medical services, such as cancer screenings for Georgia’s uninsured.

Fighting Cancer & Saving Lives Since 2001




How We Fight Cancer

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We work with Georgians from preschoolers to seniors to help them adopt lifestyle changes that can prevent cancer and chronic disease.


We nourish the flames of hope with resources and services that enriched the lives of cancer survivors.


Each year we facilitate thousands of cancer screenings for uninsured Georgians, including breast, colon, prostate and lung cancers.

Systemic Change

We work to improve the “upstream” drivers of cancer by advocating for improved systems and policies.


We help Georgians affected by cancer navigate the complex and confusing healthcare system and find the resources they need.


We participate in community-level research projects designed to improve community cancer control.

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