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Tissue and Tumor Bank

Overview of Program

One of the most important initiatives of the Georgia Cancer Coalition is the development of a statewide tissue bank, one of the key resources in the fight against cancer. It is critically important that Georgia’s talented distinguished cancer scholars have access to tissue specimens for study and experimentation. The National Cancer Institute gathers and compiles data on specimens and tissues related to cancer research, but at this point there is no central tissue bank located in or available to Georgia that scholars and clinicians may directly “borrow” from. Various tissue repositories within the National Cancer Institute include the Cancer Specimen Bank, the Breast Cancer Specimen and Data Information System, the Cooperative Human Tissue Network, and the Cooperative Group on Human Tissue Resources. There are often not enough specimens and tissue samples for all researchers – locally and nationwide – to have access to, thus delaying critical research in the area of cancer.

In creating the Georgia Cancer Specimen and Tissue Bank, the guidelines of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) are being followed. The AATB seeks to ensure that there is a safe, adequate and economical supply of tissues and cells for clinical and research purposes. Individual tissue banks make up a system for tissue recovery and distribution. Local and regional tissue banks, like the one being developed in Georgia, enable their neighbors in the community to donate tissues and cells for immediate and future research needs.

Our tissue bank is committed to this same principle of a safe and reliable supply of tissue and cell products for research purposes. A comprehensive business plan for a Georgia Cancer Specimen and Tissue Bank, encompassing strategic and operational goals, ethical guidelines for usage of tissues and cells, and encouraging public confidence in tissue and cell donation and tissue and cell banking has been completed. Work has begun already to build the state tumor bank initiative with operating sites in several locations through the state. We are confident that our results will yield a strong program that will benefit all Georgians and contribute to significant advances in cancer research and knowledge.

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